Telaga Warna Dieng


Telaga Warna Dieng 

Colour Lake is a tourist attraction located in Dieng, District Kejajar Wonosobo. Colour Lake is one of the flagship attraction Wonosobo district of Central Java Province.

Distance attraction with Wonosobo Colour Lake about 26 km can be reached by the route north of the city Wonosobo Direction, by using bus majors Wonosobo Dieng Batur.

Colour Lake has unique characteristics associated with the color of the lake. Sometimes green and yellow or colorful like a rainbow because Colour Lake has a high sulfur content.

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Colour Lake attractions visited by many domestic and foreign tourists because of its beauty, in addition to air fresh air. to get into the lake attractions color penggunjung cost three thousand dollars.

Beside the lake there Pengilon Colour Lake, a clear water is like a mirror that makes the locals to name Telaga Pengilon. Myth residents said if the lake is able to know the content of human hat1. When she looks pretty or handsome when looking at pond water, then his heart is good. Instead, it includes an evil person.

Telaga Warna Dieng
Besides the lake, there are three caves, stone and slate belik in this tourist complex. There Semar Cave, Cave and Cave Jaran wells. Visitors can instantly know the name of the cave because there Semar statue in front of him. Semar is considered one of the most thoughtful clown.
Semar Cave Named as the locals believe if the cave is guarded by a grandparent Semar. Many people meditate in this cave, man or woman, with the goal of wanting safety. Among other things, the status of many officials in this country.
No further steps have been waiting for the Well Cave. In front of the statue of a woman with a pitcher. This cave does have a small pool in which the water is said to be lucky. Many believe the water wells in the Cave can cure diseases and make skin more beautiful.
Those that are used for sacred ceremonies, Balinese Hindus, for example. They use water cave for ceremonies or Mabakti Muspre.
Next cave, the Cave Jaran. Jaran Cave Horse Cave or a hermitage once told Rishi Kendaliseto. One time when heavy rain, there was a horse shelter in it. Surprisingly, when the horse itukeluar of that hole the next day, the horse has two entities.
Do not tell whether it was male or female horse. However, some people believe that if I can be used for meditation, which is difficult for women breeds. Among the three caves, Jaran Cave can be entered without a caretaker. Wells and Gua Gua Semar when no caretaker is usually locked to maintain purity.
In the next cave Jaran, there Batu Belik Cundamanik. Similar to Gua Semar, many people imprisoned there with the purpose of seeking salvation.
Furthermore, there is Slate. Those who want their children to be able to fluently read and write, can go to this location to pray. There is another myth that says if there are no snakes in this area. So, if anyone saw a snake in Colour Lake complex, he had misgivings there might be bad things that happen to him.
In addition, visitors are advised to keep their talk for exploring the region. Because this includes sacred place. Myths and legends were merely local belief. Believe it or not.
Myth Colour Lake
According to local people, there is a story that causes color alias lake lake was colorful. That said, there is a ring formerly owned by the local nobility auspicious but fell to the bottom of the lake.
Meanwhile, from the scientific studies, this lake is a volcanic crater containing sulfur. Consequently, when the lake water exposed to sunlight will be refracted colors are beautiful.
Facilities Around the Colour Lake
In the lake of the color attraction there is a mosque, and several shopping by – by the typical Dieng. Visitors can also take advantage of available lodging in Dieng.

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