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Alam Indah Beach (PAI) is a natural attractions, which is supported by the presence of 32 five-star and budget hotels with a capacity of 442 rooms. The presence of PAI is also supported other recreational facilities like swimming pool, garden pots and some other cultural attractions. paiPantai Alam Indah is a coastal area in the concept will be integrated tourism area. Swimming pool, oceanography museum, arts and culture field, children’s games arena, campsites, hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops are some of the support facilities will be constructed in accordance with the Master Plan Alam Indah Beach neighborhood.

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Currently, most of the facilities are yet to be fulfilled, however, it does not really affect the public interest to visit PAI, because almost every day the beach is always filled with visitors of all ages. In addition to recreation, usually this place often held gatherings like wushu, exercise for the elderly, etc.. In PAI is also often held dangdut event was enlivened by a local artist as well as the capital.

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