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Everyone knows tegals Guci.Sebuah Sights In Foothills Slamet.Sebuah attractions Form Thermal Baths are very well known in Tegal.
In the jar there are about 10 waterfalls located in the Jar. At the top of the bathhouse showers 13, somewhat distant about a mile, there is a waterfall with cold water named Niagara Jedor. So named because the first place around the 15 meter high waterfall that is owned by a village chief named Chief of Jedor. While the streets enjoying the scenery of pine trees, you can feel the coolness of this area.
If you feel tired and in no mood for a walk, you can hire a horse to get around and see the falls. Enough with the money of Rp 15,000 you can enjoy without feeling tired and also can learn to ride a horse.
This attraction is usually crowded on Friday evenings Kliwon. Many people who ngalap blessing. That said, if the bath at twelve o’clock to beg something, any request will be granted. This belief has been passed down through generations.
If you want to feel satisfied around in the tourist area of ​​approximately 210 hectares, you can stay in this area for several days. There are many hotels here, from jasmine to star class. And do not forget to bring a gift when they come. Here you buy fresh vegetables at cheap prices such as carrots, cabbage, water a salad, tomatoes, cabbage, bananas and avocados. Or snack signature; satay Ceremai sweets.
Try it, and you will feel the freshness and beauty of the holiday. This attraction is located in the northern foot of Mount Slamet with a height of approximately 1,050 meters from the city about 30 miles or Slawi from Tegal city is approximately 40 km to the south. In place of this type have available a variety of facilities such as accommodation, jungle tours (ecotourism), heated swimming pool, tennis court, football field, and camping.
Vases easy reach. From Slawi you can take a mini bus fare majors Planet Java with Rp 5,000. After about thirty minutes, you stop at the village of Tuwel. There are many vehicles awaiting pickup passengers to Jar. You simply pay for the vehicle with only Rp 5,000. Thirty minutes you’ll get a really interesting sights this.

Alam Indah Beach (PAI)
Alam Indah Beach (PAI) is a natural attractions, which is supported by the presence of 32 five-star and budget hotels with a capacity of 442 rooms. The presence of PAI is also supported other recreational facilities like swimming pool, garden pots and some other cultural attractions. Alam Indah Beach is a coastal area in the concept will be integrated tourism area. Swimming pool, oceanography museum, arts and culture field, children’s games arena, campsites, hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops are some of the support facilities will be constructed in accordance with the Master Plan Alam Indah Beach neighborhood.
Currently, most of the facilities are yet to be fulfilled, however, it does not really affect the public interest to visit PAI, because almost every day the beach is always filled with visitors of all ages. In addition to recreation, usually this place often held gatherings like wushu, exercise for the elderly, etc.. In PAI is also often held dangdut event was enlivened by a local artist as well as the capital.

Reservoir Dam Cacaban
Is one of the dams / reservoirs were built after Indonesia’s independence, whice was inaugurated by Mr. President I in 1952. This place is not far from Slawi + – 9 km to the east village Karanganyar District Kedungbanteng precisely, so it can be one of altrnatif nearby attractions. Tourists can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, with fishing, walks over to surround the reservoir dam or boat.

Shopping In Malls
1. Rita Mall (Largest Tegal)
2. Pacific Mall (Mall with a very charming nautical style)
3. Dedy Jaya Mall (Mallnya Bus Dedy Jaya)
4. Plasa Marina Mall (Mall Mbahnya in Tegal is now beginning udzur)
5. Banjaran Permai Mall (Mall the same rival Traditional Market)

Hotel Accommodation
1 Hotel Taguya
Facilities: Air Condition, Hot & Cold Water, Bath Tub, TV With Parabolic System, Refrigenerator, Driving Range (Golf)
Jl. Tegal Kingdom – Semarang Km. 7 Tegal Tel. (0283) 355213, 355 214, 355 243 Fax. (0283) 355213
2 Hotel Lestari
Facilities: TV, Music
Jl. Kingdom Maribaya Kramat, Tegal regency
3 Hotel Salero
Facilities: Air conditioning, Economy
Jl. No. Kramat Kingdom. Tegal regency 5
Tel. (0283) 352250
4 Hotel Paramita
Facilities: Karaoke, Entertainment Music and Dance
Jl. Kingdom Maribaya Kramat, District tegal
Tel. (0283) 352253
Jl. Kingdom Dampyak Km 4 Tegal – Semarang
Tel. (0283) 3568916
Facilities: TV, Music
Jl. Kingdom Maribaya Kramat, Tegal regency
Facilities: TV, Music
Jl. Kingdom Maribaya Kramat, Tegal regency
Facilities: AC, Hot & Cold Water, Parabola, TV
Jl. General A. Yani, be born – Slawi
Tel. (0283) 491146


Amenities: Outdoor Hot Water, TV, satellite dish, Laser Disc, of Field Tennis, Swimming Fishing
Tel. (0283) 352770, 352777
Facilities: Hot water, TV, Parabola
Tel. (0283) 352236
Facilities: Hot water, TV, Parabola
Tel. (0283) 52249
Facilities: Hot water, TV
Facilities: Hot water, TV
Facilities: Hot water, TV
Facilities: Hot water, TV, satellite dish, Meeting House
Tel. (0283) 352229, 352232

Reference: from various sources

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